Large Event Catering: Can anyone beat Our Wood Fired Pizza at your Picnic, Party, or Event?

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We can cater large events like company picnics, graduation parties, block parties, festivals, concerts, weddings, and Bar or Bat Mitzvas.  Our large event catering serves up fresh cooked pizza, not food trucked in from a central kitchen, and gives people hot food fast.

The date: June 11, 2011
The venue, Outside Great Divide Tap Room, Denver.
The Event: The 17th Annual Anniversary Party

Arriving with 6 staff, a truck full of food, about 100 pounds of wood, and 300 large dough balls, Basic Kneads was ready for this large event. Over the course of 4 hours, our six staff would make 300 large (16 inch) pizzas from scratch, cook them in our wood fired oven, and serve them to hundreds of hungry beer drinkers. Every 40 seconds, a new pizza would come out of the oven and a new pie would go in.   Our team that day was on fire, our truck cranking out enough food to feed 900 people a plate of pizza each (two large slices).   Eaters lined up with their tickets, queueing in separate lines depending on the pizza they desired, and were able to quickly choose the pizza they wanted, handover their ticket, and eat their pizza, all within seconds of it coming out of our wood-fired oven.

What does this mean for your Block Party, Large Event, Festival?

I challenge you to find another food truck OR caterer who can serve fresh cooked food as fast as we can, for the number of people we can serve per hour.  (if they say, “oh sure, we can feed 2oo people lickedey split”, ask them what they would charge to do that.  Then check our prices and see how we beat them on price and quality of food.)   Our food isn’t reheated or kept warm from a central kitchen, it doesn’t sit in steam trays over a gently wavering blue flame.  It’s not a bunch of chicken sitting in a sauce (so it doesn’t dry out), our pizzas are assembled from raw ingredients and served to our loving eaters in minutes.

If you have an event, festival or party and are expecting large numbers of people, Basic Kneads can feed them quickly and at a great price.

So if you’ve got a big block party, company picnic, festival, wedding, or graduation party coming up, and want a fun food choice that Westword called one of Denver’s Top 3 Pizzas, contact our catering director, Christen Bakken, at 720-340-1066.