These days, food trucks are all over the place. You can find many different kinds of delicious food served out of these fancy kitchens on wheels. It can cost a bunch of money to outfit a truck with all the ‘fixins’ needed to run a successful mobile business. Luckily, the owners of Basic Kneads Pizza are pretty handy dudes, and all of our vehicles are homegrown, in the backyard, out of the garage style. With lots of hard work and power tools, you can actually build your own food truck!

Currently, our third trailer, aka Kned, is undergoing a makeover to make it a little more street safe when traveling into the mountains. He was a bit top heavy, so we have welded him onto a flatbed trailer so he has a wider base, and are building the kitchen around it. Check out some photos of the project happening whenever we get a sunny, warmish day this winter!

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