Built From The Ground Up…Literally

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These days, food trucks are all over the place. You can find many different kinds of delicious food served out of these fancy kitchens on wheels. It can cost a bunch of money to outfit a truck with all the ‘fixins’ needed to run a successful mobile business. Luckily, the owners of Basic Kneads Pizza are pretty handy dudes, and all of our vehicles are homegrown, in the backyard, out of the garage style. With lots of hard work and power tools, you can actually build your own food truck! Currently, our third trailer, aka Kned, is undergoing a makeover to make it a little more street safe when traveling into the mountains. He was a bit top heavy, so we have welded him onto a flatbed trailer so he has a wider base, and are building the kitchen around it. Check out some photos of the project happening whenever we get a sunny, warmish day this...

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Basic Kneads: Healthy, Wood-Fired Pizza Wherever We Can Park

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If you were not already aware, Basic Kneads Pizza is a traveling, wedding catering machine. We now consider ourselves veterans in this industry, having catered 30 weddings in 2014 alone and many more in the years previous. One of the best aspects of our company is the fact that we can travel all over the state of Colorado with our three trailer ovens, unlike other food trucks which may not be able to travel into the mountains. Some of our favorite and most frequented venues over the years include the Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby and The Lyons Farmette in Lyons. We have even traveled all the way to Clark, Aspen, Crested Butte, and everywhere in between for some fabulous mountain weddings. Those are just a few of the venues we have been to, proving we can truly provide you with healthy, wood-fired pizza where ever we can park! If you are planning a wedding and have thought about providing a unique food experience for your guests, lets get together and talk details over a piping hot pie. Tastings are always complementary, as is the exceptional service we strive to provide to each guest we come in contact with. Email Laura at Dough@basickneadspizza.com with any and all questions about our services!...

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Yelp Reviews of Denver’s Best Pizza: Basic Kneads Pizza

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This is fun.  Go to Yelp and search for pizza in Denver.  Hopefully we’ll stay that way.   If you’ve had our pizza and have written a yelp review, thank you so much.  If you haven’t, you should find us and have a pie.  Perhaps we’ll inspire you....

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Best 3 pizzas in Denver? Basic Kneads is one of Denver’s best 3 pizzas according to Westword

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…these pies rise high above the fray. –Lori Midson, Westword There couldn’t have been a better google alert to come through back in the cold days of January. Basic Kneads Pizza, operating out of a $3000 FedEx StepVan we gutted ourselves and transformed into America’s first wood-fired pizza kitchen in a truck was on Westword’s list of 10 Best Pizza’s in Denver. I scrolled through the first page, 10…9…8 our name was nowhere to be found. Shoot, perhaps Lori Midson was just comparing us to Brava’s outfit on the 16th street Mall…but wait, 6…5…4…3 Three! There we were, at the third best pizza in Denver after Pizzeria Basta (which is in Boulder, so maybe we won’t count them) and Osteria Marco.     How did we get here in just a year and a half? 1. We let lots of people guide us. We let our tastes tell us which to follow and which crusts to toss. Thanks must go to the many excellent wood-fired ovens in Denver. We’ve eaten from all of your ovens and found what we like, and what we don’t 2. We serve pizza where you need it. One cold December or January, when you least want to leave your house, come and find us. Eating a wood fired pizza right out of the flames while getting your mittens stained with marinara and olive oil is an experience full of comforting bliss. Sitting on the patio at Denver Beer, or Great Divide Tap Room, with a belly full of beer, our pizza is the perfect compliment. 3. We love what we make, and we make sure we’ll always love it. Some of my favorite Pizza Memories include finishing a shift and driving home with a large piping hot margarita on the seat beside me. I’ll make it just a few miles on I-70 toward home before that pie is gone. We love our pizza...

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Denver Food Truck and Caterer is one of Square’s Featured Vendors this Month: Denver Wood Fired Pizza

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It’s not often that you’ll hear a business rave about their credit card processor.  As a small business owner, I read articles about cashless economy with concern:  The ones that benefit the most from a cashless society are the companies that keep 2-3% of every transaction without lifting a finger or sticking their hands in the (pizza)dough. That said, Credit Cards are a necessary part of running a business, and we happily accept credit cards when you don’t have the cash on hand.  Our  credit cards are processed through a company called Square.  Square was founded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and has really changed the way small businesses can work with credit cards.  The are simple, well-priced, and have great technology behind the swipe. I called a local bank trying to see if they compete with square with their mobile credit card system.  She started our with a long list of startup fees, equipment fees, monthly fees, and then finally got to the per transaction fees!  I stopped her, laughed and said we’d be sticking with Square.  2.75% and no fees after that ever! So the next time you are hungry and wandering the streets with just a piece of plastic in your pocket, use your nose and follow the smell of the fire to our truck, and pay away with your credit card.  Look for our little white square reader attached to our iPad and thank some clever fellow who figured out how to make credit card numbers squeeze through the headphone jack.      ...

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So You Want To Start A Food Truck

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“hello i am interested in starting a pizza truck in ___, i am looking to have a wood fired oven in the truck. if you could help in any way as far as how to start i would appreciate your time, thanks. _________” We get lots of emails about starting a food truck, specifically of the variety with a wood-fired pizza oven in it.  So this is going to be our FAQ/read-this-1st page. As a designer, my education was basically around successful project completion, focusing on concept and execution.  I generally use this background heavily in my work, and Basic Kneads was no different. Concept Research the regulations for mobile vending in your area.   Denver has decided to be relatively cool towards Food Trucks, as I  believe they are generally trying to support small businesses.  They came out with a multi-agency Food Truck Guide, that will fill you in on the most pertinent rules and regs about your future business.  If your city is restrictive like, say Chicago,  you want to think long and hard, maybe about moving, maybe about a different business. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, and how they might play into this business.  Do you like people, adventure, and surprises?  If so, food truckin’ might be for you.  Why do you think you should start a food truck? Have you been cooking your food publicly for years? Do you have a niche that makes you different/better/more competitive? What are your business skills that will aid in your success, and where will you need professional help? Business Plan.  Make one.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be in one document, but it is very important to write down your goals, what you want out of this business, and how you are going to do it.  Start with a Mission, move into a summary, have a brief marketing, branding and sales plan, and close with a solid budget. This should take you a long time.  Do lots of research.  Google keywords include: Business plan outline, pro-forma budget sample, marketing plan. How are you going to achieve your goals? Who is going to help you get there?  Be realistic.  They say 1 in 3 businesses SUCCEED. Most businesses lose money for a bit. Can you risk failure (you will have to) and can you lose some money (you won’t be a millionaire soon)? If you are the bread-winner, you need to look long and hard at your savings.  Do you have the support network to make this happen? Find Mentors and keep learning.  Networking is bogus, knowing people with business experience in your community is priceless.  Connect with like-minded entreprenuers and ask specific questions.      Execution So you are starting a wood-fired pizza truck? Are you a member of the FornoBravo.com forum? Have you read their eBooks, including the Pompeii oven design? We used this eBook extensively in the design of our ovens.  And regardless of the direction you go, it will give you a good idea of what goes into a pizza oven.  Also check out Woodstone Oven’s resource page. Have you seen how we cast our oven?...

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