Quality ingredients, superior flavor.  We care about what goes into your pizza, maybe because we eat it even more often than you do.

Our dough is made from 100% organic, Colorado-milled flour.  Our whole wheat and white flour mix creates a crust that retains some of the qualities of traditional New York style pizza, but also helps us all eat a little healthier.  Most of all, it brings a memorable flavor to every bite of your pizza.

dough ball

Our fresh herbs and vegetables are organically sourced from Grower’s Organic.

Our fennel sausage is locally made at Belfiore Genuine Italian Sausage.

Our pizza (red) sauce is made from organic tomatoes.  Non-organic tomatoes are often noted for being especially high in pesticides. #10 on this list.

Our gluten free pizza crusts are made locally by Deby’s Gluten Free.

Most importantly, all your food is prepped fresh every week by our hard-working team of chefs right here in Denver!